2020 Upcoming Shows:
FEBR 29 - April 11 OSA Show at The Museum of Ventura County
MARCH 14: Saturday from 10 to 5pm) OPEN STUDIO (Second Saturdays OSA)
JUNE: Solo Show at the Ojai Center for the Arts 

"What might seem as nothing but a torn piece of canvas or a rusty sheet of metal to be discarded, I visualize as the perfect ingredient for my next piece of work. What might be viewed as worthless scraps of wood or slit fabric I envision as works of art. They speak to me just as much as my paints and brushes, sometimes asking and sometimes flat-out demanding to be included in my art. They are the blood and bones of my current creations.

Artists—in all branches and disciplines—are the preeminent voice of both the collective and the individual unconscious. Art brings to the surface, to our awareness, all the processes that run deep, embedded, and often silently ignored within. As the ancient philosopher once said, the unexamined life is not worth living."

About Carlos Grasso
Visionary Artist and Compulsive Visual Explorer

Carlos Grasso’s personal journey began in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his parents encouraged his interest in the arts, particularly music. As a young adult, while studying figure drawing in workshops, he also studied both piano and flute at the National Conservatory of Music before moving to Paris, where he worked as a professional flautist for 15 years. During this period, he also trained and worked as a graphic designer. After moving to Southern California, it only took one class with master representational artist David Leffel for Carlos to discover a new passion: painting. Over the last 25 years, not only has he transitioned from music to making art full time, he’s also shifted from representational works to abstraction, mixed media and conceptual art. Throughout this period, he has participated in many gallery and group exhibitions, and received a number of awards for his work.

Click on the image below to read the article at The Huffington Post
by Los Angeles Art Critic ShanaNys Dambrot about Carlos Grasso's work in 2015.

Carlos Grasso "Inner Structures"