Carlos Grasso

Visionary Artist and Compulsive Visual Explorer

Carlos Grasso is becoming more widely known these days for his innovative “shredded” painting series which he calls “Canvas Deconstruction”.
As a native argentinian, little did he know he was going to spend more than forty five years abroad (France and USA) making art, with an American passport and three children, and all that after a promising professional career as a musician. Over the last 35 years, not only has he transitioned from music to making art full time, he’s also shifted from representational works (which he studied with master David Leffel) to abstraction, mixed media, installations and conceptual art.
Visiting his studio (either virtually or in person by appointment) in Ojai - California, one encounters a display of torn canvases, found objects, dis-proportionally big brushes and an inquisitive mind that will tell you manifold stories and techniques about its creations. He participated in numerous museum and gallery shows; his collector base spreads throughout the United States.

“Why do I cut and shred my canvases?...
Because when you see them hanging, there is a flow, an ethereal solidity of colors that one couldn’t create with simple brushstrokes. Painting and hand-cutting the canvas is a ritual aiming the viewer's senses to perceive it and wonder what is happening...

Artists—in all branches and disciplines—are the preeminent voice of both the collective and the individual unconscious. Art brings to the surface, to our awareness, all the processes that run deep, embedded, and often silently ignored within. As the ancient philosopher once said, the unexamined life is not worth living.“

Click on the image below to read the article at The Huffington Post
by Los Angeles Art Critic ShanaNys Dambrot about Carlos Grasso's work in 2015.

Carlos Grasso "Inner Structures"